This includes two types of design:
• Engineering Design and Consultations: Architecture and interior designing.
• Ad Designs: Publications, advertising, and all types of mass-market media.

Property Management

Makanak provides all property-related services to relieve the burden off owners’ shoulders.

Real Estate Legal Consultations

Makanak provides legal consultancy pertaining to real estate activities.

Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate appraisal is provided by highly-qualified real estate evaluators through specialized market studies.


Makanak offers a full relocation service if you either want to do this for your family or your company or want to invest your money in the real estate sector in Egypt.

Makanak offers this service by undertaking all the appropriate procedures to facilitate your relocation process by not only finding your suitable property but by also renewing it property as you would like to meet all your needs.


Makanak provides an integral auction service by offering all the appropriate procedures of the auction starting from planning; announcement and preparing the auction book up untill finalization.

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